Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Late Post: The Last Two Days Leading Up to Maker Faire

I'm sure I tried to write a blog entry when there was only one day to go.  An entry was started that (fortunately) didn't get posted because it was pretty much just a bunch of misspelled foul language.  There should at least have been pictures.

So I've deleted that false start and here's a quick recap.

Counting down to the last two days, at some point the Grey Knight got it's last letter added:
Last of the Lettering

The right hand got painted:
Madi Painting Hand Details

And the left hand was cast:
Rough Left Hand Cast

The last few pieces that were in primer were basecoated and blackwashed and the decision was made to rig the whole thing up as a statue instead of making it wearable for the weekend.  I'm not sure I'd have had anyone to wear it anyway.

For the T-60, I tasked my friends Madison and Vinny with weathering all of the parts of my suit:
Rusting Parts

Vinny Rusting shin

Here he is putting some rust on the back:
Vinny Rusting Stuffs

The end result was pretty great:
T-60 Back Weathered

I say "my suit" because my former assistant Freddy was using my molds to make one for himself as well.  We decided it would be good enough if his copy was fully rigged and walking around while mine would be a static display at the booth.  Here he is putting some additional touches on his copy:
Freddy Rigging Back Details

Then test-fitting some of his rigging:
Freddy Test Fit

And finally, assembling the hands:
Freddy Assembling FIngers

Somewhere along the way, I assembled the three new parts of the display booth:
Booth Parts Assembled
They were primed and painted too, but I was too strung out to get pics.

At some point, we got the base silver color on three sets of parts for the Mouser bots, but by then it was becoming clear that they wouldn't be able to be assembled and painted in time to show at the event.  Here's Agatha finishing up the silver:
Agatha Painting Mouser Parts

That's about the same time we had to start pulling out the trailers to load everything up:
Mike Helping

Somewhere late at night, exhaustion set in and we started dropping out to go get sleep:
Doogs in the Shop

The next day we put the last few finishing touches on the things we couldn't deal with on site, hitched up the trailers, went to Fundemonium to load up ED-209, hoisted the booth parts into the bed of the truck, and we were on our way.

The shop was some kind of disaster, but that could wait:
Empty Shop

On to the Faire...

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

2 days







Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Three Days. Just Three Days to the Bay Area Maker Faire

Today I patently failed to take enough photos.

Sierra started the day by making progress on the left hand sculpt for the Grey Knight.  While she was doing that, I worked on brushing up some silicone jacket molds:
Silicone Brush Up

They came out okay:
Minigun Body Jacket Molds

Tragedy struck when Roger the Housefly found himself mired in the still sticky silicone.  Despite his valiant struggles, he lost his life that afternoon:
Alas, Roger the Housefly is No More
He was a fly, take him for all in all.  I shall not look upon his like again.

Sierra had to run out in the middle of the day, so I also took off for a bit to make a supply run.  I picked up paint, latex, silicone, casting resin, and all manner of other random bits and pieces.

It cost me three hours all told.

When I got back, my assistant Chuck and her sister Agatha were making slow progress on prepping the Mouser parts for paint.  I neglected to snap any pics of that process.

For my part, I was completely consumed by installing all of the lettering on the right shoulder for the Grey Knight.  The process started by laying out the painted, laser-cut styrene letters:
Right Shoulder Lettering Layout

Removing them from their backing, I taped them in place and made sure I was happy with the layout:
Right Shoulder Lettering Progress 2

Each one was then peeled off, bent to match the curve of the armor, then glued in place after scratching through the paint so the glue could adhere directly to the fiberglass underneath:
Right Shoulder Assembly Finished 1

It was a bit tedious:
Right Shoulder Assembly Finished 2

But the end result is pretty decent:
Right Shoulder Assembly Finished 3

Right Shoulder Assembly Finished 4

Somewhere along the way I managed to almost finish the paintjob for the little heraldry shield that will mount to the Grey Knight's left shoulder:
Left Shoulder Shield Paint Progress

The left hand sculpt still needs a bit of work.  Here it is next to the first cast of the right hand:
Left Hand Sculpt Progress

So progress continues.  I'm starting to think that at least one of these projects might have to wait for later, but I'm still not sure.

For right now, I'm a bit tuckered and my hands ache.  Treatment will consist of applying alcohol to the affected brain.

Stay tuned...

Monday, May 14, 2018

Countdown: FOUR Days to Maker Faire

Today the hours have finally caught up with me.

For those of you just now tuning in, I'm making all of my preparations for this year's Bay Area Maker Faire.

The plan is to bring two new suits: a Grey Knight Terminator from Warhammer 40k, and a T-60 Power Armor from Fallout 4.  I've never made either one of these before.  In case you're not familiar with either, the T-60 is the seven-foot tall monster that looks like so:

The Grey Knight will be an even taller beast that looks like this:

So I've got my work cut out for me.  Still, needing more of a challenge, I also decided to make a Mouser bot from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  I don't have a good reason for that, but look at this adorable little guy:

I'll lose consciousness tonight before I cover all of the details, but the T-60 is at this stage:
Freddy Tries on Stilts

The Grey Knight is at this stage:
Shoulder Lettering 3

And the Mouser is right about here:
Madison Mouser

So it's going well.

There's other works in progress too, but for now it's bedtime.

Stay tuned for more progress and explanation tomorrow.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

COUNTDOWN! FIVE Days to Maker Faire

This was a productive day.

For me, it started with fiberglass:
Laying Up Shield Mold

For my friend Sean, it started with masking helmets for detail painting:
Sean Prepping TIE Helmets

For Ian and Danielle, it was mixing and pouring silicone:
Danielle and Ian Mixing and Pouring Silicone

Danielle Pouring Rubber Block Molds

Madison started her day with prepping Grey Knight shoulders for detail paint:
Madi Masking Shoulder

Freddy locked himself in a room with the belt sander and made a bunch of dust:
Freddy in CNC Room

And Sierra got to sculpting the Grey Knight hand:
Sierra Finishing Hand Sculpt

Eventually, I got to testing out the head and neck parts of the Mousers:
Tensioning Mouser Neck

Madison sprayed some gold paint and unmasked the shoulder parts:
Unmasking Gold

Freddy switched to fiberglassing:
Freddy Glassing Shin Flanges

One of the Mousers started chewing on a doorknob:
Mouser Eating Doorknob

Lettering was added to the Grey Knight shins:
Letter Spacing

Ankle Lettering Done

One Shin Lettered

The right hand sculpt was finished:
Right Hand Sculpt Done

I brushed up a silicone mold jacket for it:
Molding Right Hand

Freddy put the finishing touches on his T-60 helmet:
Freddy Prepping Helmet

He's very happy with it:
Freddy Painting Helmet

Ian made mold boxes for some more parts:
Ian Making Mold Box

I trimmed the mold for the Grey Knight's little shoulder shield:
Shield Mold Trimmed

The prototype demolded cleanly:
Prototype De-Molded

Peeling PVA

At some point in the evening, Tiki stopped by the shop:
Tiki Visiting

By then, Madison had finished lettering the shins:
Shins Lettered

Tiki was unimpressed:
Tiki Resting

Freddy's work on the T-60 shins is nearly done:
Shins Glassed

And progress continues:
Gauntlet Lettering Progress

Stay tuned.